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Using H70 with AM4 CPU


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I was thinking of upgrading my system to a new AM4 CPU/mobo/memory from an AM3 mobo. I'm using a Corsair H70 CPU water cooler.


Is the mounting bracket I'm using now (H70) compatible with the new AM4 CPU? If not, is there another bracket I can use?

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That's what I thought. The H70 copper plate (more rounded/rectangular) has a different look than the H75 plate (round).


Looks like I'll have to upgrade the cooling, too, if I want to go Ryzen.



The H70 is an Asetek-based unit and should work with any Asetek retention plate and backplate combo. Even throughout several generations, their mount style has never changed--still the same "toothed ring" setup. Your H70 should work fine with the above; and because the newer Asetek retention plates changed so they used the stock AMD backplate, you needn't worry about having the old Asetek AMD plastic backplate, in the case you lost or discarded it. That new retention plate with the included screws, should be all you need ;)


One thing I'd be worried about is how much coolant has evaporated by now and how much life the pump has left as this is an older unit. However if cooling performance is still fine on whatever CPU you have it on, then age is probably not a big deal.


There's a lot of other reasons I wouldn't be buying Ryzen if you're a mainstream user BTW, but that's another story.

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