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AX860 vs AX860i


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I've had a AX860 which I used for about a year until it died on me and is currently in RMA processing, I've been offered an AX860i as a replacement as well as the same AX860. Which one should I go with?


The general opinion on the internet (Amazon, newegg reviews) is that AX860i has certain issues which have been repetitive among customers and the fact that it has Flextronics as OEM, people are inclined towards AX860 for a more reliable OEM Seasonic and better fan OEM. In threads asking between these two options, almost more than 80% are suggesting AX860 which I certainly do not understand the reason behind.


I hardly care about the OEM as Flextronics is just as comparable to Seasonic and it's just a matter of opinion and no hard evidence of poor quality among them.

With all the new digital features, I'm more inclined towards AX860i, but what really bugs me is the zero RPM fan mode, why is the AX860i zero RPM mode limited only till 20% but the AX860 till 60% usage? That seems to me like a huge margin for similar models. Can somebody please elaborate on why this is so?

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Curious. What threads, where?


Why do you ask when I'm not allowed to link anything here? I've tried twice to post a reply with details to you but apparently the moderators don't like it. Anyway, I'm only looking for my answer to the zero RPM fan mode limit query, if you can, please explain that.

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