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Dear Corsair, what is it with your shipping Dept??


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A bit of a story here but serious, I need to ask, what is up with Corsair's shipping dept??


Back in early August, the hand rest of my K95 Platinum Keyboard cracked. I called Corsair to get a replacement. Normally they'd just send me a new one but apparently the hand rest for these keyboards are NOT sold separately so I needed to do a FULL RMA of the entire keyboard to get a new hand rest. Fine, so I ask for an advanced RMA, give my credit card and tell the CS rep, "Make sure to tell your shipping dept to check the box that says this is a 'replacement' keyboard, otherwise being in Canada I will be charged brokerage fees as the custom agents will think it is a brand new keyboard.


Long story short, the shipping dept didn't check the box, I paid brokerage and I spent over 3 months trying to get a refund. Corsair was nice enough to give me a 15% coupon for their webstore, so great I ordered 6 new ML RGB Fans. Like my previous half dozen purchases, I logged into my account and on the check out, it showed that these fans would be delivered to Ontario, Canada. GREAT...except I saw something new...I was being charged tax.


In the past, I've never paid for tax. The reason being is I live in Canada and that is what the brokerage is, Canadian tax on an item purchased outside of Canada. Now some companies like Amazon, charges me tax/brokerage so I don't have to pay for it when it comes into Canada. Basically I prepay the brokerage to Amazon, who pays it to Canada. Being that I just went through this whole brokerage issue with the keyboard, I thought that Corsair was now doing like Amazon does, pre-charge brokerage. Awesome! I'll be getting my fans on Monday!


Today I just got notice that my delivery date has changed by a week plus. It seems that Corsair's shipping department sent my package to Ontario, California and it is now being rerouted. This would explain why I was charged tax because someone thought I needed to pay California sales tax. I checked my invoice with Corsair again and sure enough, it says Ontario, Canada. When I checked out, I got the quote for Ontario, Canada. The shipping cost was $13 more than shipping to California and the taxes was $9 more, so I'm not sure what exactly has happened.


My guess is that there will be brokerage fees when I get my fans delivered. This means I will have been double taxed on top of the fact my fans were delayed due to the fact they sent them to the wrong Ontario. I'm not even sure how that happened either because Ontario, California is a city, Ontario, Canada is a province and you still need a city.


In the end if Corsair doesn't pre-charge the brokerage, my 15% discount will have been eaten up by the taxes I was not supposed to pay and I don't even want to think how long it will take me to get a refund this time. :( Seriously shipping dept...what is going on?

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