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RGB? I'm Losing The Will To Live.

Paul S

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Haha, is this some sort of cruel expensive joke?


Just spent £1,340 on a ryzen 7 system, and my thermaltake tower900 case is filled with RGB stuff, spire cooler, node pro, sp120 fans, trident z ram etc etc, out of EVERYTHING, ONLY the trident z memory's RGB works properly.


Is this for real or what?


although the gigabyte ax370 gaming 5 is a truly excellent motherboard, its software for rgb sucks feet.


The node pro box is randomly flickering every few secons


the sp120 fans only work properly with the 3 button manual controller


Why do companies release things that are not working properly? i mean would you go in to a new car showroom and buy a brand new Mercedes without any headlights?


All this rgb is like a very cruel joke that shows no sign of changing soon, are these things even tested or what? as i say out of every bit of rgb kit i have, ONLY part thats working properly is the trident z rgb 3200mhz ram.


This is very poor, all these companies have had months and months to sort everything out, yet still nothing works properly.


All im seeing is constant releases of software that are worse than the previous ones, i cant even get the new link software to start minimized, too concerned on pushing new products than fixing all the problems the current ones have.


come on guys get you act together.


I do like corsair products but recently things are going from bad to worse.

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I understand you're annoyed and I wouldn't blame you if I spent a bunch of money on PC hardware just for it to not work properly (incidentally, this is why I almost never install motherboard vendor software outside of core drivers).


If you can articulate for me what the exact problems you're having with what specific Corsair products, I might be able to help, though.

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