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Dreaded Lack of Display Problem


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I did read about the known issue with a batch (LOT numbers) of Corsair One machines giving display issues, but given I was ordering direct from Corsair, and that I was placing an order well after the issue had been identified, I did not think it applied to myself.


I opened the box, and probably like many others was stunned at the design and compactness of the build. What a superb looking unit.


I used HDMI to connect to a monitor, and initially it did boot up... but then reverted to 'no display'.


With some great information in other posts on this forum, I rebooted (several times) and ran through the suggested fixes, ironically all except the Gen2 one, and then thought to check the lot number on the side of the box.

Sadly I think it appears to fall within the rogue batch of LOT numbers one of the mods posted.

LOT on mine was 17305105


Not been able to get it to boot again, so unable to try Gen2 in BIOS.


Logged a ticket, and hopefully CORSAIR support will sort it out for me.


WAYYY too much money for this not to work right.

some advice - check the LOT number as soon as your parcel arrives. It's printed on a side sticker on the cardboard box.


I will update this post with the outcome, so others can benefit from my experience here.


cheers all

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According to a Corsair mod


If it's a lot code from 1725 to 1731, it's affected. If it's from before 1725, it won't have the issue.


Thank you to Corsair rep looking for ticket number. I will look this up and post separately.


A little update from me.


So after not booting at all, the next morning my Ti did boot, and I was able to get into the BIOS, search for DMI, and change to GEN2.


This then let me test the HTC Vive VR I have, by plugging the HTMI and usb directly into the front ports, with the C1 connecting to a 1080 TV via the rear HDMI.

Not without problems, sometimes again went blank via that rear HDMI, but after a few reboots seemed to settle.

Blank screened during Steam VR test first time, then seemed to settle.


Gave a top Steam VR of 11 as you would expect, and VR worked a charm..... except my Vive has a faulty controller and needs sent back.... not having best of luck.


I am a little undecided whether to RTM at moment, it seems ok under GEN2, just whether that rear HDMI is going to cause problems. Maybe I should buy a decent monitor and DP it, given the C1 power.


VR running flawlessly non overclocked, (with one controller only sadly), even supersampled to 2.0.


These are nice machines.

I am lucky this one is very quiet. Corsair link shows temps ok also.


Corsair Mods- for an Return, do you send out replacement unit at same time?

How long would I be without PC?

Need it for my business.



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So had a display problem where wouldn't work, only on HDMI. I went on youtube and the solution was this.


Unplug your C1 and Monitor from their power outlets. Wait 30 seconds. plug them back in. Done Fixed. I couldn't believe it was that simple. Certain monitors must save certain internal settings.

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Wow! Glad your solution was so simple.

Given how often I reboot mine, sometimes waiting up to 2 minutes, you fix sadly did not appear to work for me initially.


What display problem did you have?

Do you mean you got no display on DP and had to use HDMI until you fixed?


I do not have a DP monitor source yet, so had to use HDMI.


Thanks for comment though!

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Fair play to Corsair,

They have been in touch to try and resolve my issue.


They have suggested an RMA, which given a faulty component in my unit is fair, however timing not great.


While turn around in North America may only be 1 week, here in Europe (scotland) I suspect it will take longer.


Given one reason it was bought, was to leverage and enjoy the HTC Vive VR for me and family this Xmas, I don’t want to lose/replace at this point.


My unit seems more stable since I changed to Gen2, disabled some other settings listed in other threads.

It runs VR fine.


However. There still seems to be a question mark on a few issues:


1. Does not always boot properly from cold, especially using rear HDMI port. Often have to restart PC couple of times before working as expected.

2. Don’t (yet) have a DP connected monitor to confirm if this issue also relates to rear display ports.

3. Unit has reboot itself in middle of VR game... once. Unsure what caused this. All temps seem ok.

Unit not overclocked or boosted.


Think at this point I will email support to advise I will monitor over Xmas period.

If still issue post Xmas, may discuss RMA.


I have read about units being returned and not fixed, don’t want to go there.


These issues aside, what a cracking little gaming PC Corsair have built.




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Thanks Dustin.


Corsair support have been in touch, are happy to wait and see how it goes, and have been fair to be honest.


I don’t like the sound of it being away for a long time,

Not do I like some of the forum feedback saying they got it back and still had same issues.


Normally I would open up to investigate, but I dare not invalidate warranty at this cost!!


So today l, after running no issues for 3 day’s, it rebooted in middle of my work, no warning. Lost quite a bit of time.


It then refused to boot for around 10 mins, and c 20 tries.


Eventually it came back via the rear HDMI, but at minimum resolution.

No use to anyone.


It would not respond to the front (native) HDMI, which is a first!!

It then Grey screened. Never seen that before.


I switched away from my DVID connected old monitor to a large screen TV on front HDMI, and managed to get picture back.


It has been running ok since, but I think you are right.

It is not 100%!!

Shame. Very quiet and powerful while working, but I do not trust it fully now.


Monitoring continues for now. I may take you up on that advance replacement soon though....




(Scotland UK)

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Hi Dustin,


Yes, I have now come to the conclusion an advance replacement is needed.


There is definitely a fault with the one I have, it is too unstable and reboots randomly. I cannot trust it.


I have emailed support to ask how to go about the process, so we can get it done soonest.


Such a shame.


If you could keep an eye on the ticket, that would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks



(Scotland UK) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Having been frustrated with my machine which was both shutting down randomely as well as having issues booting up, getting worse.....




I pulled the trigger and agreed an express (advance) RMA with Corsair.

It’s onviously faulty, and simply not usable currently, so let’s get the replacement and hope it works better and is not from a faulty LOT, noisy fan, or other gremlin.


RMA processed 19th Dec, see if it gets here in time for Xmas!!



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  • 3 weeks later...

Well I said I would update the forum for completeness, so here is the update.


My old C1 1080ti was part of the faulty LOT batch, and had various issues covered elsewhere on this site, the most annoying being random reboots, blue or no screen, or not booting up.


I processed an advance RMA through Corsair, received a replacement unit very quickly, and was treated well by Kecia and Corsair Support.

They were most kind.


My faulty unit was repackaged and around 10th Jan should be back with Corsair.


The new unit has performed perfectly so far, just as I had expected the first to do. Not connected a rear Display Port to monitor yet, but everything else great.


My advice if you have a unit which is not right, is to speak to Corsair and see if an advance RMA swap out is possible or not. Process is pretty painless and quick, I delayed mine longer than I should.


Expensive little beasts, but so damn good looking and fast!!



Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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