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is side tone volume on PRO wireless better than previous version?


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I recently got logtitech G933 and while i love the performance they are super UNCOMFORTABLE. I tried a non functioning pair of void pro wireless at microcenter and they are some of the most comfortable headset ive ever tried and now i want to get them BUT Side-tone volume is super important to me for many reasons. and at least with the original void wireless rgb from 2016, i saw TONS of complaint threads about how their side tone was almost non-existant. super super quiet.

can anyone chime in about the side tone volume of the refreshed Void Pro wireless?? is it any better? My logitech g933 side stone at max is OKAY but borderline too quiet. My stealth 450 turtle beach wireless side tone is super loud i love it but they are also uncomfortable and way too slow and bad build quality.


ALSO..... does it save EQ profile changes to the device? for when i switch to PS4 sometimes i would like to keep the same EQ settings

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