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K70 RGB Rapidfire


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So I got a K70 RGB Rapidfire(my 1st RGB Mech keyboard) from a friend, she already stated an issue before giving it to me about its LED color issues with some keys which she unfortunately just noticed back in August this year, after she tried changing LED colors, she tried contacting the support then later provided her and passed it to me with the steps to hard reset, but it still didn't work. This keyboard will be hitting 1 year from its purchased date this December.


Is this still under warranty?, I had the proof of purchase also, which she gave to me along with the K70 though.


Are there any other steps to fix that LED color issue?


- I had attached some pics regarding the issue, mostly B, Spacebar and W are the ones behaving badly, if not incorrect LED color, no lights on some certain color will happen on yhose keys.


If set to static red it will be unnoticeable since all goes red, but it defeats the purpose of having RGB then just sticking forever in static red just because of some incorrect LED colors going on.






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