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Graphing on startup and window location


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is there a way to make Corsair link start with Graphing activated on startup?

also, for it to remember window location?


I use it on my second monitor and I have to relocate and activate Graphing with every time.


I started using DisplayFusion to relocate the window on startup.

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At this time, no there isn't. Remembering window location has been requested for a while, IIRC. I agree ... it would be nice to have. Having the graphing enabled by default is a new request, AFAIK. That would need to be a setting, I'd think, as it would consume resources to have it showing by default.

And, in fact, a lot of folks are upset that it shows on startup at all, rather than starting minimized. Having it show the graphs, by default, would probably lead to a nuclear meltdown on the forum. :laughing:

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