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I created my RMA on Oct 23 and explained it was important to get the RMA approved quickly as I was heading out of town that week and would not be back before the keyboard's warranty expired on Nov 9th. I even called after submitting and further explained that I also needed the RMA process completed before the week of Nov 19th and if that wasn't possible then to see what we could work out about warranty window closing. I was assured there would be no concern getting the RMA process completed in that time frame. Oddly of all the spare parts I have, a keyboard isn't one of them.


Wed, Nov 15th a call was placed to Corsair's support to inquire the status. I explained to a rep named Dave about time frame from the previous conversation and he acknowledged that info from the notes on the ticket. He put me on hold to see about getting me a different model which I had reservations about since there's really no where to go but down from a K95. When he returned it was explained the delay was caused from having no inventory of K95 Cherry MX Reds and offered a K95 w/ Brown instead. I told him mine WAS a K95 w/ CherryMX Browns and sending me one of those is exactly what should have been done. After putting me on hold again he came back with there must have been a part number mix up and they'd be sending me a K95 w/ Browns. I inquired about the time frame and was told I'd be getting the keyboard within 48hours.


72 hours later the RMA is still in the processing phase and I leave tomorrow with no choice now but to purchase a replacement before heading out of town.

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After not getting any information over the weekend I finally called on Mon, Nov 20th to inquire about the delay. I was put on hold while the rep contacted the warehouse and he came back with information that my replacement keyboard was being packaged right then. I was also told I'd have updated ticket status along with tracking information by end of day Monday. End of day came and went but thought I'd give them most of Tuesday to update before contacting again. Unfortunately I had to contact them late afternoon for a followup. Again I was put on hold to inquire with the warehouse who said the keyboard was packaged for shipment but UPS had failed to pick it up the previous evening. So I went from guaranteed by the previous Saturday to guaranteed by Wednesday to it not even shipping out before Tuesday evening. I was informed again I'd have tracking info either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.


It's no Friday and my ticket status has not updated nor have I recieved tracking info however when I arrived home today there was a box from Corsair sitting on my sidewalk. Finally, I have my replacement.


Or so I thought. Upon opening the box I found it contained a K95 Platinum w/ Cherry Browns and mine was a standard K95. I immediately contacted support and was informed by Jereme that according to the notes on my ticket I had been offered an alternative replacement. This is completely fasle and at no time was I ever offered a replacement The only conversation that comes close to that was the one I mentioned above with Dave. At no time did Dave ever offer an alternative or even communicate the original K95s were out of stock. He simply told me all they had were K95s w/ Cherry MX Browns and were waiting to recieve Cherry MX reds to which I said my RMA'd keyboard had Cherry MX Browns. Like I mentioned above he said there was just a part number mix up and with that new info my replacement would be sent out. At no time did he communicate the original K95s were out of stock and I'd be shipped out a Platinum instead.


That may sound like an upgrade and even early on I inquired about changing to a different model. I originally ordered a K95 w/ Cherry MX Blues but they were on backorder for months. Eventually Corsair discontinued the version with Blues so I chose Browns. When I inquired about changing to a different model, I specifically mentioned trying to get a remanufactured Blue version. Now in that same conversation I did inquire about upgrading to the Platinum as well as downgrading to a K70 w/ Cherry Blues, in fact most of the conversation about getting a different model was heavily emphasizing getting a keyboard with Blues.


Even though I did mention it once, I would have not chosen the Platinum K95 for the simple fact that it only has the 6 programable keys and I'd much rather go with none since the 6 would be equally as useful as having zero.


Great customer service, Corsair.

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Posting an update. I spoke with a Corsair rep named Ceasar who apologized for the mixup and had me return the keyboard for the k70 w/ Blues. That was on or around the time I made the post above.


Today is the Dec 13 so roughly 2 1/2 weeks turn around time on this and I received my replacement today.




wrong keyboard again.


Now I can't get through to Corsair's support line. Live chat is disabled on the website and despite leaving a call back number over 2 hours ago and now have been on hold for 30min.


2 months now without a keyboard. This is beyond bad customer service and has moved into fraudulent business practices.

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