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Abit NF7-Sv2.0 plus PC3200XL Pro


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I recently bought 1024GB dual channel kit of 2 x 512MB PC3200XL Pro and more recently bought another 1 x 512MB module...........3 sticks altogether, but won't run on the above board at default timings.

I am using the default bios settings but serial and parallel ports disabled....I don't use them......with the Abit D27 bios.

The problem is that my system is unstable..........some crashes....or bsod's.....when I try and run dual channel kit 2 x 512MB modules in slots 2+3 and 1 x 512MB module in slot 1.....with the default timings of

The cpu is an XP3200 (200 x 11) @ 1.675v

Memory is @ 2.8v

However if I run the memory @ @ 2.8v it runs pretty stable and a bsod is pretty rare.

Just wondered why it won't run solid if the spd/auto ( timings are used ?

Otherwise I am pretty happy with it.............I need to be since 1.5 gigs cost me about £300............. :laughing:


Other spec's are:


XP Pro + SP2.


Nvidia Forceware v71.25

Nvidia chipset drivers v6.14 beta (same problems when running the v5.10 drivers)

Tagan 480W psu.

1 x 37GB WD Sata Raptor C drive.

1 x 120GB Maxtor 7200 Sata F drive.

Creative Audigy 2 ZS

BFG GF6800OC Ultra

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Is the 512 stick XL, same version?


Yep, they are both v1.1.

I bought the single first to see if it ran ok as I had tried various other types/makes of PC3200 which caused problems.

As the 512mb ran I then bought the matched pair of 512mb's.

They are not happy running at but fine at

I guess I will just have to live with it............ :sunglasse

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