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@Corsair Software Devs - HWINFO Bug


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Due to Corsair Link updates, It is now interfering with HWINFO which inturn interfers with Corsair Links fan monitoring.


Info from one of the main devs over at HWINFO -


It's due to a lack of synchronization between the Corsair Link software and HWiNFO.


HWiNFO and several other tools use a synchronization mechanism that allows them to run in parallel without problems when accessing Corsair Link devices.

We have been pushing Corsair to implement this mechanism too, which they did after a long time, but it appears that some versions of the Corsair Link software don't implement this simple mechanism correctly. This can cause other problems, or complete blocking of other software.




HWINFO Not Running






HWINFO Running



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I'm a fan of HWInfo as well. If I run HWInfo, I don't run Link. If I run Link, I don't run HWInfo. Or you can tell HWInfo not to monitor the Corsair devices.


This. In order to have software playback on our lighting products (essential for the LL fans), we had to kill the mutex. It wasn't a decision made lightly, but ultimately one we had to make.

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