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to be honest, this is my last try before I send all Items back to Corsair!


3 Weeks ago I buyed a package with a Corsair Keyboard and Mouse (Wonderful!), 3 120mm HD-Fans, 1x LNP with Strips and the Commander Pro.


Connected the Fans to Commander Pro - Fan steering works good!

Connected the LNP to Commander Pro - Lighning Strips working great!

Connected the Fan Hub (with the 3 Fans) to the Commander Pro - just 1 Fan working !


Support Ticket #1 opend - Finally after 4 Days of Picture sending - I got a new Fan Hub. Installed - Same Issue.


Old and New Hub connected without Commander Pro (just with 3 Button Controller) same Issue. Always Port 1 (both Hubs) works perfect. All other Ports not. Changed every Fan into Port 1 - always works.


No response for 3 Days to the Ticket - opened new Ticket - answer just 3 or 4 hours later... Finally I got now (today) a third Fan-Hub (I dont think it will work now) - But since 4 Days now I wait for a answer for my Question in that ticket again.


Talked to the german Forum - No response from bluebeard - This is really not the kind of support I know.


I hope some Corsair-Members can help me, before I have to leave corsair...

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First, make sure that you connect the fans in order on the controller (1-2-3).

Once that's in place, try setting all three up on different combinations of 1-2-3. Label the fans with masking tape - A-B-C. Then try 1A-2B-3C. Then 1B -2A-3C. Then 1C-2B-3A. And so one. That can help determine if there is a single fan that ends the rest of the chain or if it's the LED Fan Controller. Just because they all work on 1 doesn't mean that they all work together. It's happened before ... an individual fan works but when daisy chained with others, it causes the downstream fans to go out.

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Bad Ticket support - Fast delivery, but not entering to the Problem!

Comunity can't help, but tried it... Thank's a lot!


After now 3 Weeks, with 2 Tickets, and 10 days without a answer from Ticket service... Corsair lost a new Fan, within 3 Weeks and I'm can't tell anybody something good about this support! Sorry about that!


This Thread can be closed. I have send all Items (over 500€ Worth) back to my dealer!

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