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Corsair H2100 MicroUSB Port Broken


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Hey all, Was searching for a thread about this but couldn't find one (If anyone has one, Feel free to direct me to it <3).


I was wondering if there's any way i can take apart my Corsair H2100 Headset to attempt a fix on my Micro USB Charging Port? Tried multiple cables, Different USB Ports, Different computer USB ports.


(Can't RMA, Got the headset from my friend used unfortunately, Althought i doubt the H2100 is still sold/RMA'd lol)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Should i just take it apart and attempt to re solder the micro usb charging port? It can't be RMA'd already so there's no warranty for me to void, However I figured that would be "Over Simplifying" things and it's usually never THAT simple lol.

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