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Corsair H110iGT high pitch on/off whine


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I have a Corsair H10iGT and I'm noticing a very high pitch whine that will whine for about 2 seconds, go off, be silent for 2 seconds, then whine again. Repeat.


- I unplugged power from everything else to eliminate where the noise might be coming from.


- I used a Snap-On mechanics stethoscope to attempt to further pin point the exact location of the noise, unable to find.


-I have determined from process of elimination that it is coming from the cooler (either the radiator or the cpu cooling head).


-I had 2 other people verify the sound heard, so I'm not hearing things!


-Do not know when this started but noticed it about a month ago.


-Cooler is roughly 6 months old.


-I used a few different frequency monitoring apps on my cell phone I downloaded from the app store. I was able to pick up the frequency with 1 of them coming in over 10k Hz.


Was curious if anyone has heard of this case before. I've searched the forums and Google. Everything I've seen has been a constant noise other people are experiencing calling it "coil whine" or are having issues with fans. This happens at idle, not under stress or a load. This is not a constant noise. Noise for 2 seconds, quiet for 2 seconds, noise, quiet. Before I started a RMA, I wanted to see if anyone else has heard (haha) of this before or not. Thanks!

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I am running it in Quiet Mode. It starts as soon as it is powered up. When I was pin pointing the source, the only things plugged in were PSU, mobo, cooler. No other drives or cards plugged in. PSU is at bottom of case. Noise present with minimal things powered up. Unplugged cooler power cord and powered up, noise no longer present.
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