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Initial Charge on Void Pro RGB SE


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I just received my new Void Pro RGB Wireless SE headset today. I've allowed it to charge for approximately 5.5 hours. The charge indicator light hasn't changed from a reddish color in the entirety of the charge time. I have restarted my PC and tried using a different usb ports on my machine. I just moved the headset to charge on a wall usb jack.



I connected the headset in CUE while it was connected via usb to my PC and it was recognized immediately, and did not need a firmware update.



While I was in CUE the software said the headset was charged to 98% and the indicator light very briefly pulsed green when I turned it on. I disconnected and turned off reconnected the headset to charge, and the reddish orange indicator remains. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!



My System specs are in my profile and I've attached a picture of the indicator light.


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