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K70 Cherry MX Red same old problem: CUE doesn't recognize it


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Sorry if I disturb with a problem that seems to be frequent and deeply discussed, but, after a search, I tried to follow all the forum suggestions without success. So, before returning the kb only three days after I bought it, I try to verify if somebody can help me suggesting a working procedure. I use it on an intel I7 4780, mobo asus z97a, windows 7/64; I fit it connecting as suggested and than installing last CUE downloaded from Corsair. Than it started the infinite mods process attempting it was recognized, from deleting and reinstalling HID drivers and CUE sw, till making different option in power management, and finally some settings in bios...............NOTHING!

I never had such a bad peripheral to install, bad sw, almost inexistent documentation, but I would give it a chance because, as all Corsair products, it seems very good from the mechanical point of view.

Also, I'm not a real expert in such deep tweakings, so, maybe I lost something or I didn't follow yhe correct procedure....maybe..


And finally a doubt: is this keyboard compatible with CUE sw?


Thanks in advance and anyway

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