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900D Cooling Suggestions?

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I have a 900D with 2 GTX 1080 Ti's. They are not SLI. The top GPU is for gaming and off hour mining and the bottom GPU is 24/7 mining.


I can keep the bottom 1080 at 55C while mining at all times with 60% power using just the GPU fans.


I can keep the top 1080 at normal operating temps while gaming. However when I turn on mining it can spiral out of control (well to me 75C is too high) unless I take the side window off and put a house fan directly on it.


Well that is ruining my RGB aesthetic....


I'd rather not drill the window and block view of the 1080 ti's with an intake case fan.


I have moved all of the drive cages out of the way of the top 2 intake fans. The 3 stock intake fans do not move enough air to reach the GPU's in that monster 900d.


I am wondering if anyone has experience mounting a case fan right in front of the 2 GPU's to help pull the fresh air from the intake fans and blow it across the gpus and out the back?

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