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HX650 to HX1000i , notes.


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Where the HX650 had flexible braided cables, which were very handy to work with, the HX1000i comes with plain flat and way to stiff cables where every pci-e powercable also has a daisychained second plug on it. ( this makes for a mess of extra cable clutter, good for powering 4 cards but not actually technically sane to put a load of 2 pci-e plugs onto 1 cable. )



So would have been nicer with flexible braided cables that have only 1 pci-e 6+2 connector per cable.


The way it is now cablemanagement can't be done properly at all.


I can see where you want to sell those nice cables on the side as an extra but this is kinda very cheap corsair. For a top of line "platinum" PSU...


The casebadge was nice though :roll:

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