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OK, so I don't really trust MSI LIVE UPDATE program. For instance, it tells me I have versions installed that I actually do not. It tells me there is a new Realtek Audio driver available, but if I go to Windows Device manager and manually try and update the driver, it tells me I have the most recent driver.


What is the best way to find out whether updated drivers exist for various components? Go through Device Manager one by one and click check for updated driver?


As for the Corsair One download page right here on this website, it seems to list a lot (most really) of drivers that are rather old...is this page being monitored / updated? Should we really be running those older versions?


Any help would be appreciated...thanks.


(about the only thing that I feel confidence in, in terms of updating, is the GeForce experience app for the Nvidia drivers...I wish the MSI LIVE UPDATE app inspired such confidence). Maybe we can get MSI to fix LIVE UPDATE?

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What is the latest version of MSI live update for C1 and where can I get it?


I am running version 6.1.025 since I received the unit at the end of September, and as far as I'm aware, it hasn't alerted me that an update for MSI Live is available.


And like I said, it's still giving me wonky info.


For instance, it's currently telling me my Intel WIFI Drivers current version is "Not Installed"


Obviously, that isn't the case...

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Mr. Pace - Realtek Driver

It could be that all Corsair One/Pro/Ti owners are having much the same annoyances with One Live Update 6. The current version for download is 6.1.024 so if your end September machine has 6.1.025 then you are a step ahead of earlier owners. MSI+Corsair need to sort these basic update issues and I hope Corsair Dustin can deliver!


First, I would say that there are no obvious fails when running my Corsair One with 6.1.024 other than the mixed messages and lack of updated software that it appears to flag. Not good for confidence so what can be done?


Go to Corsair downloads and make sure you have a copy of the latest One MSI Live Update 6 dated 04/26/2017 i.e. download the One Live Update 6 version 6.1.024 zip.


Download the latest MSI Live Update 6 version, unzip and install - MSI have a full page of instructions along with relevant warnings.


Run and you will see a long list of updates most of which are not needed for the Corsair One. Tick the latest Realtek Audio driver and follow the install procedure - appears to 'work' much better than 6.1.024.


Uninstall then reinstall 6.1.024 and you are back to the starting point but now with an updated Realtek Driver.


Yes, you need to be careful and the above should not be necessary. In my case it made no obvious change to Realtek Audio sound quality.

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