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HD120/140 fans aren't lighting up?


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I previously had an issue where I bought a DoA Commander Pro (Generic USB Hub problem, no fans detected in Link) and had to buy a new one. Fair enough.


This new Commander Pro seems to be working half way. I can see my fans, adjust their speeds, and can change their LED settings in Link, but I'm not getting any results on the fan's LEDs themselves. The LEDs are always in an off state despite what Link tells me.


I had thought I just had to update the Commander Pro's firmware through Link, but there was no effect on the issue.


I'm using 11 HD120s and a single HD140 across two fan hubs connected to the Commander Pro's RGB headers. All the fans are detected in LINK. I've tested the fan hubs with the little remote that comes with the fan hubs and that works flawlessly for both, making the LEDs flash, fade, and all that good RGB stuff, but that's not what I bought a Commander Pro for.


I'm using a 8700k on a Gigabyte z370 Gaming 7.


Any ideas on why I can't control my fans? Please don't tell me I need to return another one of your Commander Pros. :V


UPDATE: No sooner than I restart my computer, suddenly I'm greeted by a rainbow cascade. Welp. So much for reaching for the low hanging fruit first! XD

Sorry for making this topic before doing the most basic troubleshooting move in the book!

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