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Need a confirmation before to buy


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I'm building a new rig and i'm looking for fans and RGB control.


My case is corsair carbide 740 air and i'm thinking about that :

- 3 x HD120mm in front

- 2 x HD140mm on top (installed with the h115i)

- 1 x HD140mm in rear

- PSU Corsair RM750i


If i'm correct (otherwise correct me please), i need to buy :

- 3 x HD120mm (CO-9050067-WW). This bundle include RGB Fan LED Hub

- 3 x HD140mm (CO-9050068-WW)

- Commander pro (CL-9011110-WW)


I did some research and i think i will be able to :

1/ connect the 6 fans to the commander pro

2/ connect the 6 fans to the RGB fan led HUb

3/ connect the RGB fan LED HUB to the commander pro on LED 1

4/ connect the the Commander pro to an USB controler on my Motherboard


Did i miss something ?


Thanks for your help

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That looks correct to me. Technically you do not need a Commander Pro, but it definitely is desirable for lighting options on the HD series. The radiator fans can go into the C-Pro or the H115i pump and will be controllable through Link either way. The only other thing is to connect the HD fans in the numerical sequence you want (clockwise or counter-clockwise). Some of the movement patterns require this.
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first, thank a lot for your answer.


When you say "numerical sequence"; you mean for example :

the 120mm fan in front panel in the bottom in position 1, the fan in the middle in position 2 , etc.... on the RGB fan led Hub;


I hope you ll understand what i'm trying to explain (sorry for my bad english) :)

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