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Can I use Type 4 PCIE cables for my PSU that uses Type 3 cables?


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I lost the PCIE cable for my Corsair power supply (a CS450M) and I just got a new graphics card. So my friend gave me his Type 4 PCIE cable from his power supply, a Corsair RM850i. It's the red circled end on this connector: https://i.imgur.com/87G2MHP.jpg that I would plug into this end on my PSU: https://i.imgur.com/hyKOuZ7.png


Would it work? The pinouts are slightly different with the spare 12V not utilised: https://i.imgur.com/wRw5MnV.png (Type 4 Left)


And will the Type 4 PCIE cables I got from him work on my Type 3 power supply?


Thank You!

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