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k95 Platinum full stop key not working, FAULTY


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I bought my K95 from Amazon on June 2017


It has been perfect since today


The full stop key does not work, god knows how long its been not working as writing a letter today I discovered the issue


I have taken the USB out, held the escape button down for a full reset, what happens then is that the full stop key is pressed down with thousands of full stop dot presses,


if I open up word or note pad and take the USB wire connection out hold the escape key and re-plug the USB wire in once again I get infinity full stops until I have to manually press any key, the full stop key stops the infinity presses but the full stop does not work, it ceases to function


I am baffles and i got a feeling its a hardware fault, I tried to return to Amazon but the return window is now closed


So what can I do or how to fix this issue? its only the full stop key that does not work, everything else works

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