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LL120 + Commander Pro [1 fan not lighting up]


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I purchased the commander pro, and x6 LL120 RGB fans for my 570x corsair case. The RGB hub it comes with supports LL fans so didnt need to remove that.


I removed the controller the case the case came with.


Now all six fans are connected to the RGB hub along with the commander pro. I then i have ""LED 1" from the commander pro connecting to the RGB hub.


Booting up my computer, windows detected the commander pro in corsair link and i am able to control the lights as desired.


The issue i am having though is, 1 fan is NOT lighting up, it is spinning though.

I did some trial and error playing around with the plugins to the hub + commander pro, and it seems any fan connected to slot 6 on the RGB HUB is NOT lighting up.


I had a spare RGB hub that came with one of the 3 packs of the LL120s i got, assuming the RGB hub the case came with might be defected for whatever reason, but the same issue is happening on the the RGB hub which came with the 3 pack so i ruled out the hub having any issues..


Any ideas or insight why this is happening? Im sure its something dumb i have overlooked or have forgotten.


thanks in advance.

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