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Power cable burned up (CX750)


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I'm not sure if this is power supply issue, power cable issue, or something else.


Last night when I turned on my computer, I thought I smelled something burning. I probably should have turned off my computer at this point, but I was ignorant. Maybe 5 to 10 minutes later, I saw a burst of light come from the back of my PC. I went to check it out and didn't see anything. I opened up my side panel to see if something had happened inside, and didn't see anything. I went to go shut down my computer, but by the time I came back around, I saw something burn up behind my computer. Around 2 inches away from my PC, my power cable connected to my CX750M power supply unit had burned in half and part of it was on fire. I immediately cleared cables from the area, and unplugged the powerbar from the wall.


I've had this power supply unit for 5 years. I'm afraid to change the power plug cable and turn the machine back on and have the same thing happen. Does anyone have a clue if it's an issue with the power plug, or an issue with the Power Supply Unit, or maybe something else? Thanks for any insight

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