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Corsair HD120 3pack


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Ok i just went home with a Corsair HD120 3 pack..


In the box you got 3 RGB fans, 1 controller and 1 6 ports hub (for RGB connectors)


After opening the case and changing few things.. i noticed that each RGB fan that came with this kit has 2 cables (1 for RGB and 1 for the Fan itsel f)


It made me realized that in order for all the fans to spin, you need to plug them to your motherboard into SysFan1 or 2 or 3... (my board only has 3 + one for the CPU).. no pump.


But what happend when SysFan 1 is used by a fan in the back.

Sysfan 2 is already occupied by Front fan


Sysfan 3 by Top fan.


So all SysFan on the board are usd by other fans already..


The board, casing did not come with any form of splitter.


So how am i supposed to install the f120 pack of 3...when all my Sysfan onboard pins are taken by other fans ??


After searching the web i found out the hard way that you need something called a Commander Pro if you want the 3 RGB fan start spinning...


The RF120 package cost me over $100.. no way to plug them in because i have no commander... i have few days to return it..


$200 for 3 color fans ? i don't think it is right..


Why is it not stated on the box that you need a commander pro (sold separately) to make them spin ?


Im thinking about getting another brand just because the 120RF does not come with the 3-4 pins cable (splitter)

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Im thinking about getting another brand just because the 120RF does not come with the 3-4 pins cable (splitter)


dude you cant jump ship just because you didn't research the product properly in the first place...


I cant think of any fans out there that come with free fan controllers or splitters so you wont fair any better where the grass is no greener ;)



head to your local Maplin type store and pick up some splitters.... OR,, buy the commander pro ;). you wont regret it ;) :)



Hope you get sorted matey

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i got few options.


1-i get a commander pro.. but at $100.. i dont think i can afford it..

2-i get a deepcool rf120 3 pack rgb, keep the corsair 3pack and mix both kits

3-i get a deepcool rf120 3pack and return the corsair

4-i order a deepcool 4 ports hub cost 10$ just to power the corsair rgb fans using one the sysfan from the motherboard



according to some youtube reviews, deepcool 3 x rgb fans kit does come with a 4 ports hub splitter for powering the fans and the fourth port can be used for whatever fan i choose to unplug from a mobo sysfan. it also connect to a sata for powering the led..


problem with deepcool is that there is no software to control them..so you get pretty basic effects like blinking, fading , strobe


im gona get a deepcool 3 x rgb fans kit and try their hub... ordering the hub onlone cost 10$ .. for 30$ more you get 3 rgb fans. not what i want but can live with that..

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Regardless if they were standard fans or HD-SP-LL dual wire fans, you would still need the same number of motherboard headers. The dual wire system is necessary to put the lighting current demand on one path and the power and speed control on another. You cannot have a 12 LED fan that sucks juice from the motherboard. You would need a single fan header for each fan, at best.


It sounds like you are on an older or smaller size board with three fan headers. You need to make the best out of it. You can do this through a cheap 2 or 3 way splitters. Typically those run $4-7 depending on where you are. You can do the same with powered fan hubs. Those will be more expensive and require one motherboard header to get a control signal for speed. Regardless, you would be in this same position when adding three normal fans. The only additional parameter is the lighting hub tucked away in the back. That requires a SATA connection and so would a fan hub. Make sure you have the spare PSU cable or slots on your current HDD/SSD lines.


Of your choices above, #4 seems the most logical. I do run mine on a simple 3 way splitter from the motherboard, but that is 0.90A total and possibly a little too close to the 1.0A limit for complete safety. I do not recommend mixing the HD series with other LED fans. They are very different in appearance. The HDs are like little spot lights everywhere, not the 4 corner center lit look of a standard LED fan.


Also note you need a software interface in the form of a Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro to get the full use of the HD/LL series fans. With the standard physical remote, you can cycle through the seven colors and a couple of patterns, but you will have no control over brightness or individual fans. It's all or -- not even nothing. There is no off switch either on the physical remote, save disconnecting the lighting wire. For you, the Commander Pro solves another issue and likely makes more sense.


The HD/LL series is a luxury item. It won't make you computer run better or cooler. It is highly decorative and does require a large financial outlay for a whole case. If you only have basic ambitions and a limited budget, it may not be the best choice.

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that was alot of info.. tnx though.


I got a decision to make, i only have few days left to return the corsair hd kit to the store..


I don't think im gona play with the light patterns much. I just want some ambient color light in the case.


As long as the fans RPM can be adjusted by some MSI apps ( MSI B250 board) and the light pattern can be changed to something not too flashy using the provided remote. It will do just fine.


A header (i call it Sys_fan1, Sys_fan2, Sys_fan3) there are 3 on the motherboard.


Sysfan 1-Front corsair stock Fan 140mm

Sysfan 2-Top Fan corsair LED 140mm

Sysfan 3-Rear corsair Fan 120mm

All hook to the mobo.


Which leave me CPU fan header for the cpu fan.



So I was planing to move the stock front fan up (for a second 140mm fan) and replace it with 3 RGB 120mm fans in the front.


I would unplug the ex-front fan and put it in a 4 portshub...and add the 3 RGB fans in that hub and ofcourse connect that hub to Sys_fan2.


I don't know if that is too many fans on a Sys_fan2.


The other solution would be Y splitters but with 3 RGB fans and 2 splitters..

it will take two onboard Headers leaving 1 for another Y for the top fans..

I will need another Header for the Rear fan..


I dont want to spend money on a commander im saving for other stuff...


I got lots of corsair stuff including a K90 Vengeance keyboard which need to be upgraded to RGB in a near future. So im kinda saving for that too.


Yes it is luxury i know.. but still..

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A multi-port fan hub makes sense and expands your general control options. A Commander Pro does the same plus temp probes and lighting interface, only one of which likely has a benefit for you. You likely need a fan hub no matter what you decide.


Take a look at some videos online of the HD series or if you already opened one, put it in see how it looks. I would never describe the HD series as ambient lighting, at least not without some software tweaking. They are very bright. I threw 3xHD120 in front and 1x120 in the back of my 740 about six months ago. It only had the included controller and no Link integration. I didn't like it much. Half the colors were too bright to use, even with just 4 fans. I had to flip my radiator and top fan positions so the black radiator would mute some of the reflection. There is no tweaking of the color. It is plain red, blue, white, green, purple. The orange and yellow were nice since those are not common LED fan colors, but I took them off within two weeks. I gave them another chance last month, this time with a C-Pro controller and Link. That makes all the difference and I can mute colors and patterns to create to soft background lighting I prefer. Given that you have other plans in mind, there may be a better choice for you make, if ambient background lighting is the goal.


When looking at other choices, there are a few things to keep in mind. 1) anyone showing off dazzling colors and effects has software integration and a separate controller is going to be required. This is true of Corsair, NZXT, and Thermaltake. How the controller is packaged varies, but the end costs usually come out even. 2) Read the fine print. If it is a lot cheaper, it may not do what you expect. I can't speak for all the models, but when I had my head in this a few months ago, there was always a catch that leveled the playing field. Your alternate choice RF120 is much more like the SP120 RGB and I do think that makes for nice ambient lighting. The controller looks the same, with similar functions, and hopefully that brightness control works. Looks like you can get your intermediate colors by going into the color phase mode and "pausing" on the desired color. Early TT Riing fans worked this way. 3) Read user reviews. These things are new and there isn't a lot of there, but someone will find the Achilles heal, if there is one.

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I have alot of fans in my case and had a similar problem. I have 2 140mm fans in the front which have a y-splitter and then go to the mobo, 6 hd120's on top which go to a 8 port sata powered hub, and a rear 140mm which goes straight to the mobo. With my cpu cooler and all fans I am only using 4 fan headers on my mobo, and the only extra cost was $15 for the hub and $2 for a y-splitter. I was using the lighting node pro to control my fans and leds, but now I am using an arduino to control them. These are only $10-$15 and have much more control, but is also much less user friendly to setup.
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Ok, got home with a Deepcool RF120 (3pack)


That kit comes with a 4-ports Hub for powering.


Hooked all 3 Corsair HD fans to it then i used one of the Deepcool Fan RGB on the last port to replace the Stock rear 120mm fan.


Everything works now..


Checking the temps in celcius:


CPU was between 32-37c idle (or web browsing).. down to 29-35


GPU was 51c now down to 47c idle (gpu fan only kicks in past 60)



but its not as quiet as before.. i find the HD to be noisy or maybe its because this add 3 x120mm to the front ( used to be 1x140mm)


That makes a total of 10 fans including the two on the GPU and the one in the PSU.. Otherwise its a 7 pc fans...5 being RGB


i find this setup to be very Christmas theme... i don't know if im gona keep the HD fans.. Deepcool has a lower profile color.

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