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The only issue I have with the new CUE.


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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, but I've had my Corsair Strafe RGB for about 2 years now. It's been good to me, besides the double keys that can get annoying (Warranty is over I'm pretty sure, so I'm stuck with double keys).


However, my problem lies within the actual engine.


TL;DR is at the bottom if you want to skip.


Back in 2015, maybe most of 2016, before this new CUE was released (I updated way late, I had a terrible pc back then), I thought I had the best keyboard in the world. It has Cherry MX Red switches, it's almost infinitely customizable with the RGBs. However, either late last year or early this year when the new UE was downloaded on my PC, my mind changed slightly. It was hard to understand at first, but it eventually came to me.


Fastforward to today, 11/6/2017, I just realized why I can't have a profile with premade lighting effects and be able to switch to a game that has a default (Ripple on type) lighting effect synced to it.

I'll explain in more detail.


I play a game called osu! which is a rhythm game. So I enjoy using the ripple effect that is included in the many default effects in the CUE. However, other games like Overwatch and CS:GO and TF2, I enjoy premade profiles such as "Autumn Not Winter", "Outer Space", and a red one that ripples blue horizontally on keypress.

I cannot have both of these at the same time, however. That little tab that was added at the top, the one that says "Advanced". That tab ruined my love for CUE and my $150 keyboard I've loved for 2 years. You can't have a profile with a default effect work at the same time as a premade one downloaded from the official website. If the Advanced tab is on, I get to use my premade profiles but no default one for osu!. If it's off, I get the ripple effect for osu! but my keyboard is blank on everything else. And before anyone says "Just make an advanced profile that does the ripple effect." I can't, the only part that I enjoyed about the ripple effect by default, is the fact that it's completely random in color.


TL;DR/final words: Please remove the stupid Advanced tab, or make default profiles able to work with the Advanced tab on.




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