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labeled as pc4000 but really pc3700?


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several months ago, i bought some corsair xms pc4000 memory. for the longest time, ive had trouble getting this stuff up anything close to advertised speeds, 227mhz with 2 x512 and 230mhz with 1 x512 on and msi k8n neo with an A64 3000+. now i know its not my cpu holding me back, i can run a 245 htt with a 5:6 divider and go 12 hours straight on prime95, but anything past 227 @ 1:1 and memtest86 gets errors and prime95 fails in less than a minute.


at first i thought it was my board, but then tonight i noticed that in cpu-z, although the ram is labeled as pc4000, cpu-z says its max bandwidth is pc3700 and a max frequency of 232. i reset all my bios settings to stock, rebooted, it said the same. i did a cold boot, it still said the same.


so, im wondering, are my 2 sticks of pc4000 mis labeled pc3700 sticks?


if more info is needed, ask please.


small edit: everest 1.51.195 says this stuff is pc 3700 too(in the SPD section)

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The SPD is set to the proposed JEDEC Spec for DDR466 so yes it will show as a PC-3700 module under CPU-Z, which is normal! There is no official spec for anything faster at this time. But the part# should show and an XMS4000 module!
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