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Turkish Layout or keycaps


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I and about 15 million other people use a keyboard that has the letters Ğ, Ü, Ş, İ, Ö, Ç on them.


I've tried to find images of your keyboards that show these keys but I've failed.

My biggest wish/dream is to get a K70 that have these keycaps/letter s on them.

My searches on this forum (results from 2012 & 2013) say that you don't have keycap replacements.


Getting a German keyboard layout would be the closer to what I'm asking for as they have both Ä & Ö on their keyboards (as far as I know always).


So if I try to simplify my questions.


1. Do you now offer your customers to buy keycap replacements for any/all keys?

2. Have you for any backlit keyboard made any of the letters Ğ, Ü, Ş, İ, Ö, Ç?

3. If not would you consider making a keyboard layout for us?

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