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6 week old Corsair RAM failed


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6 weeks ago I built a pc and got 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 Corsair ValueSelect RAM from Amazon. It worked great and my friend got me another stick(exact same from exact same seller). After about 6 weeks, the stick he got me failed. My PC kept crashing with "Memory Management" error. I was able to run Windows Memory Diagnostics, swapping out the ram and the diagnostics said that there was a hardware issue on the stick my friend got me, and I needed to contact the manufacturer. I took it out and used only the original stick and my PC is working great. The 30 day "dead on arrival" Amazon return policy ended, but this was obviously a faulty stick of RAM, given that it failed so soon. I didn't run any strange software, move my computer, or power it off improperly, the stick just failed on me very soon after purchase. If needed I can probably get the proof of purchase by credit card from my friend, but since the sticks are identical and from same seller, I can easier access my own proof of purchase. Is there any way I can get refunded or have the stick replaced?


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