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[Scimitar] Can't bind anything left panel


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I just bought a Corsair Scimitar RGB like 2 days ago on Amazon.


I'm a WoW player and i though i had to configure properly my macro touch since i have this new mouse.


So i installed CUE. Worked perfectly, i can manage my RGB thing, great.

But i don't know why, the "actions" panel doesn't work.


I've tried everything but i can't figure it out how to make this thing work.


My first goal was to bind F1, F2, F3, etc. to G1, G2, G3, etc.

I did that, doesn't work.

First i though it was because of something in WoW... But nope. If i simply go to a web browser and press G5 (so F5) nothing happens. No refresh. Nothing.


Just so you know, i made my macro with the "Rebind key" and i chose Fonction Key and chose F5 on the list.


But nothing work... So i though it was maybe material? But nope!

I tried to bind the same touch (F5) to my middle mouse button... Doesn't work either! Yeay'!


So guys... i'm desesperate actually i'm close to ask for a refund cause this make no sense, i'm not a crack on things like this but i'm smart enough to figure it out things but here i'm totally lost...



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Okay i found the problem... CUE latest version was the problem. Macros doesn't work with it. I installed the 2.16 version and it is now working...


I don't when i'm gonna be able to update my progam safely but i will stick with this atm.

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