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K55 CUE doens't have many features and it's kind of glitchy.


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ADVANCED OPTION DOENS'T WORK ON K55 (So you can change directions of the wave and other things.)

So I bought K55 and it game pretty much yesterday, and then I just installed CUE because I didn't had the patience of pressing the keys to configure colors and macros.

When I saw the CUE, i got pretty confused, but that wasn't the problem at all.

The problem is that it doens't have many options to do what you want to, you cant make your on light set on the keyboard, you can't change the rainbow waves direction on the progam, etc.

As Corsair have a lot of costumers that are buying new keyboards and stuff, I don't think that they are going to add new features and implement new ways of configuring the lighthing.

Ps: Even if I try to modify the lighting into the keyboard without the progam, it doens't let me change even the colors. So to do that I need to close the CUE and then try again, but when I open it later, it just restore everything I did before; and the advanced option doens't work.

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