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Connecting more than 6 RGB fans


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Hey there, I'm wondering how to connect the RGB for 8 SP120 fans with only one hub? It looks like they just use 4 pin fan connections, can I just get two fan splitters and use them for the RGB connections? Thanks!


Not possible that way.

The RGB connections are a chain through the hub, so a splitter will make an absolute mess of things. You'll need two hubs to do it without custom wiring.


The official way to do it:

Two hubs connected to two outputs from a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro. An example of a many-fan/strip system can be found at http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169144&page=2


The unofficial way to do it:

Two hubs with the data-to-fan and ground pins from port six on the first hub to the controller input on the second hub and a custom controller that you build and flash firmware onto yourself (Because Corsair Link can't handle more than six fans in a chain). This is complicated, but doable, but not recommended for SP fans because each fan only has one color at all.

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