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VS512MB533D2: Everest says latency equal to P2/K6

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Intel D915PBL motherboard

Pentium 4 3.4GHz HT

2 512MB VS512MB533D2 sticks (can get timings to 4-4-4-8 without issue)

GeForce 6600GT 128MB PCI-E


Very disappointed with the performance of this memory. Everest's benchmark rates the memory read/write a little lower than I'd expected, but the latency of the memory is equal to that of systems using non-DDR RAM on Pentium 2s and AMD K6s. I am getting latencies over 200ns when I could be >70ns, which is what Everest's benchmark shows me as possible with my system. I highly doubt that my memory should have such high latency, nor that I could simply adjust the timing to get the result I'm expecting. Any thoughts?

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The latency settings of the value select DDR2 modules are 4/4/4/12, the speed of the module should compromise on having a higher latency value. You can not compare the VS512MB533D2 to a system that is using a P2/K6; since first off, the latencies of those memory modules are around CAS 3/2.5/2, basically the same as DDR1 technologies and definitely it will be faster because the lower it is the faster it goes, but over all performance should be way better in compares with DDR and SDR SDRAM modules.
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