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Corsair lpx and b350m compatibility issue when overclocking


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Hi guys, Straight to the point.


I have a ryzen 1600 one a b350m mortar with corsair vengeance 16gb ram.

From day one nothing has worked for me on this setup regarding overclocking. With the cpu, no matter what settings i pick in the bios, in windows the clock will lock itself to 3.4ghz in idle or under load, no idea why this happens, in the bios it shows the cpu clock to be at whatever i set it at, simple work around is "ryzen master". I'm now at a stable 3.9ghz at 1.35V.


Now the real bummer i'm going through is my ram (CMK16GX4M2B3200C14R), basically it's not on the compatibility list as far as i can see, i purchased this on the release, i was unsure of what i was getting but the guy who sold it to me assured me this is what i need to get 3200mhz once the bios gets updated in the future. It's now the future and i'm still stuck with 2133 ram and have zero idea how to get the timings higher, i understand that my laziness to research and to trust the sales guy has screwed me out of a bit of money here but even a slight increase would make me happy since i cant afford new ram.


I've read so many articles on overclocking and gone through more than what i can remember settings wise but this one's got me stumped, will the board just not allow me any improvement at all, which i can live with i just need to get it from someone who knows what's going on.

bios version: 7A37v17



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