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[h115i] Push.pull vs push


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I'm going to replace the 2 stock SP140L fans with 2 x Noctua NF-A14 PWM chromax.


My current setup is the stock SP140L in push and corsair AF140 Quiet Edition High Airflow in pull. The radiator is in the front of the case.


the specs for AF140 are:

Airflow 67.8 CFM

Static Pressure .84 mm/H20



and the noctua are:


Airflow 140,2 m³/h

Static Pressure 2,08 mm H₂O


I'm running all the fans at around 900-1000rpm.


Should I remain with push-pull configuration or just use the noctua fans ???


Will the GPU have higher temperature with only push fans ???


Another question is without using the Corsair link , the pump is working at full speed ???? :)

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For nearly everyone I would recommend the single pair of A14i's and definitely the 2000 PWM. 3000 is overkill and comes with some amperage issues and a 800 rpm minimum speed. Incidentally, a single pair of ML140 Pros in black will match the A14i in performance and noise. I have been using both on my 280mm coolers for the last few years. My preference more often comes down to the case I put them and aesthetic factors. No performance difference. I run in the same sweet spot of 800-1100 RPM and my max coolant delta is typically +6C on 5930K@4.5/1,28v and a 4.0 cache overclock. This puts the CPU wattage at around 200-215 during heavy loads. You should be under that with a 8700K, but I am interested in your impressions and temperatures for that chip.


I use mine at top exhaust and this makes push-pull strictly unnecessary and also physically impossible with those big X99 heatsinks and plugs. However, if you do mount as the front intake, doubling up the fans may have some merit. It would allow you run 800-1000 and get the airflow of 1200-1300 (more or less). As for CPU cooling, you can weight the value of this by looking at your H115i temp delta from baseline to load (stress test or gaming). If you only have a +5C delta, the second set of fans may only yield a -1C benefit. At that point, you get into the illusive question of which is makes less noise 2x140@1000 or 4x140@800. In my experience, this is very fan specific. Some fans have a tipping point where the fan clearly gets louder at a specific RPM. I find this to be about 1100 for the ML140 and about 1000-1050 on A14i. So you are right in that zone. I suppose the logical thing to do is get one pair and see how it goes.


You should not see a GPU temp increase no matter what you do. None of those radiator fans have any real active cooling effect on the GPU. Only it's own fans can cool the GPU diode and VRM. You need the case fans to get the waste heat out, but 3x140 in back is plenty for that task and single 1080. Did you ever run the H115i up top as exhaust? With really big 980 Ti like cards there can be a definite heat bleed into the radiator zone. I am curious is you experienced this or simply just prefer the front mount. I have never worked with a 750D, although it is a very popular case.


The pump should stay at whichever setting you left it at when exiting link (Quiet-2000 rpm or Performance 3000 rpm).

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