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problems updating/installing latest version


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  • 5 months later...

I just went through this same problem, and luckily I think I got it figured out.


It's a lot of work, Corsair LINK makes itself really hard to uninstall. The Windows uninstall through Add/Remove Programs was bugged and not working, so I started by deleting the program files (C:\Program Files\Program Files(x86)\CorsairLink4), which still didn't work. I then went on to manually delete any registry references to Corsair Link, like this:


1. run regedit

2. In the folder tree to the left, click on the top icon (Computer)

3. Click Edit -> Find

4. Search for "Corsair Link"

5. Once the regedit finds a result, delete the folder attached to the registry key (NOTE: There are a few folders you should NOT delete. If you get a result folder that has many other program names that you have installed, keep the folder and delete the reference alone. Edit registries with care, and at your own risk!)

6. Press F3 to search for the next result

7. Continue until the registry editor says it has finished searching the registry


After that, I uninstalled Corsair CUE for good measure and restarted. I was then able to install 4.8.3 and regain control of my cooler (it still had my profile settings and custom curve somehow). Hopefully this method works for anyone else with this install problem, it's a major issue that can cripple the hardware's capabilities. if anyone needs more details, I'll try to fill as much in as I can.

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