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Case Idea?


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I am wondering if it is so, that no one has ever before thought about it. I am looking on all those modern cases around and wondering when Corsair will make a move, still no case that can be futuristic and not simple ordinary box. We all know that Corsairs are masters, i will only here to help a little bit.


Here it is! Old, but new Graphite series case. Ladies and gentlemens i present you revolutionary Graphite Mech 830. Full metal mid tower case with amazing powerful LED fans and tempered glass side panel. Built in RGB Led and fan control hub.


Another possible features:

  • Front panel opens and closes depending on temperature
  • Side mounted GPU
  • Finger print turn on button
  • Touch sensitive turn on button and/or control panel
  • High quality plastic external case parts


[sorry for RAW idea sketch, hope you will enjoy it]




*Contact me for job offerings :D:


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Not a bad concept at all, especially the finger print on button, may not be unique but definitely cool feature to have in a case. To take it further, perhaps add voice activated control as they seem to be very popular nowadays :biggrin:


So basically, if this case was put in the market, it would sit between the 780T and the 380T since it's spec'd as a mid tower case. I personally like because I had used the 780T case for a long time before moving onto the 570X. The Graphite series surely didn't have a lot of options to choose from, but I know for a fact that a lot of people liked it because of its unique ID.


I really appreciate you taking the effort and sharing your idea and thoughts with us. I'll make sure to share this with our case team and have a pow wow over this :biggrin: Thanks again!

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