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Corsair512RE-PC3500LLPT-opteron-BSOD and corruption pages


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RMA - MSI gave me a new board

using 1x corsair cmx512RE-PC3500LLPT

1 AMD opteron 240AH

1 40gb ibm harddrive

1 liteon DVDRW 8X

1 liteon CDRW 52x


still gives me bsod on windows server 2003 install and corrupt or bsod pages when trying to install windows xp pro does any one have any idea what could be the problem? im thinking alittle now POSSIBLE bad memory on my 240 chip?? and does any body know how to drop the ram speed on the 1.3B5 bios?? thats the bios msi shipped with the board

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Thier should be a setting for the memory Frequency and it will be set to Limit with the ratio set to 6-5 for DDR333 with that CPU!


I tried to change the frequency but the bios doesn't have that option too. When i set it to manuel and try o change it all it show is cas 2, now what i can change is it volts but i dont want to mess with that.

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