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Returned the Corsair k70 Silent the day I got it as a huge k70 fan!


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Hi everyone, I have been a user of the corsair k70 rapidfire for over a year now. Very happy with it, I think it's by far the best keyboard I've ever used (and I used quite a lot as a software engineer).

My only complaint if I had one, would be that the wrist rest is a little small but not a big deal.


Anyway, yesterday I also got a new keyboard for work. And I got the K70 Silent. I thought It wouldn't be a huge difference with the rapidfire and it will be silent, which would be more beneficial for work. It arrived this morning and returned it the same day. I ordered another rapidfire instead.


I was surprised there was such a big difference between the rapidfire and the silent.

One of the biggest reasons I do not like the razer keyboards is because of their matte finish on the keycaps (subjective opinion). This k70 silent had to my surprise also a matte finish on the keycaps, which I was very surprised to see, since I love the almost glossy keycaps of the rapidfire I have.


But the main reason why I returned it, is the feel. The rubber dome makes it feel less satisfying, and more importantly, even though the actuation force is also 45g on the cherry mx silent, they felt slightly more harder to press and None of the keys felt smooth when pressing them down as if they were slightly grinding on a rough surface.

Is this a known thing? Anyone else here who experienced both cherry mx speed and silent who can share his experience?


And also how come Corsair has different keycap finishes? How come this is nowhere mentioned? I checked online videos that compare the rapidfire with the Lux cherry mx red. And you can clearly see the difference, where the Lux has the mat finish and rapidfire doesn't. Anyone knew about this?


I also don't hope the new rapidfire I ordered Ends up also being with matte finish keycaps :sigh!:

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