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double key presses


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I am having double key press issue when pressing some keys only slightly is this normal ? especially the d key double taps if i press it half or not enough its very annoying.


If started noticing issue since today, especially playing destiny 2 when i double dodge right all the time, seems to get worse and worse now :(


Do i need to RMA ? :(


Yep looks like faulty 1 month old and already issues :(

13:50.0470 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) CHATTER DETECTED -> 7ms

my k70 had no chatter issues even for the month's if had it yet if had 2 k65 now that i send back cos of chatter and unresponsive keys :(



49:12.0869 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:12.0888 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 28ms

49:12.0909 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:13.0036 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 126ms

49:13.0176 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:13.0204 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 28ms

49:14.0714 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:14.0735 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 21ms

49:14.0766 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:14.0794 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 29ms

49:14.0820 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:14.0850 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 30ms

49:14.0877 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:14.0906 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 29ms

49:14.0929 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:15.0477 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 548ms

49:16.0127 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:16.0156 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 30ms

49:16.0190 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:16.0210 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 22ms

49:16.0293 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:16.0409 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 117ms

49:16.0441 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:16.0487 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 47ms

49:16.0510 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:16.0533 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 23ms

49:16.0565 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:16.0610 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 47ms

49:17.0076 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:17.0097 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 22ms

49:17.0136 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:17.0167 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 30ms

49:17.0195 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:17.0226 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 31ms

49:17.0253 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:17.0285 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 32ms

49:17.0316 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:17.0621 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 306ms

49:18.0046 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:18.0079 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 32ms

49:18.0201 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:18.0229 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 29ms

49:18.0264 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:18.0347 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 83ms

49:18.0370 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:18.0423 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 53ms

49:18.0447 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:18.0551 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 104ms

49:18.0647 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:18.0842 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 195ms

49:18.0887 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:18.0941 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 56ms

49:19.0267 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:19.0289 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 21ms

49:19.0332 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:19.0361 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 29ms

49:19.0391 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:19.0595 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 204ms

49:19.0626 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:19.0774 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 147ms

49:19.0803 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:19.0932 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 130ms

49:20.0720 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:20.0748 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 29ms

49:20.0772 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:20.0801 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 30ms

49:20.0832 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:21.0035 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 204ms

49:21.0058 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:21.0120 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 63ms

49:21.0144 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:21.0215 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 73ms

49:26.0126 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

49:28.0265 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 2140ms

49:29.0394 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

49:29.0424 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 31ms

49:30.0223 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

49:31.0378 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 1155ms

49:31.0407 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

49:33.0085 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 1678ms

49:33.0114 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

49:33.0174 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 60ms

49:33.0203 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

49:33.0564 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 362ms

49:33.0586 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

49:36.0952 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 3366ms

49:38.0483 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:38.0563 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 80ms

49:39.0184 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:39.0205 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 22ms

49:39.0615 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

49:39.0807 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 192ms

49:41.0483 A (0x41, BIOS 0x1E) DOWN

49:41.0995 A (0x41, BIOS 0x1E) UP -> 513ms

49:50.0719 LCtrl (0x11, BIOS 0x1D) DOWN

49:51.0163 LCtrl (0x11, BIOS 0x1D) UP -> 443ms

49:51.0644 LCtrl (0x11, BIOS 0x1D) DOWN

49:51.0987 A (0x41, BIOS 0x1E) DOWN

49:52.0170 A (0x41, BIOS 0x1E) UP -> 182ms

49:52.0842 LCtrl (0x11, BIOS 0x1D) UP -> 1198ms

49:57.0342 LWin (0x5B, BIOS 0xE05B) DOWN

49:57.0484 LWin (0x5B, BIOS 0xE05B) UP -> 144ms

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Is corsair active at all here i do like a k65 rgb rapidfire that is proper for a change, if been thru 2 already a key press should not register up and down unless i press it up and down, the quality is laughable......... even my keyboard that still have and had spill with had same behaviour where some keys act weird and some act normal which very inconcistent you can argue thats cos of spill and i am willing to give benefit of the doubt, however if already been thru 2 brand new keyboards that had issues, and since i need compact keyboard i am pretty much stuck with corsair since there no ruber dome compact keyboards anywhere on the market.
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For official support you have to submit a ticket, this forum here is basically P2P support only. Corsair staff does visit/post from time to time but it is not guaranteed (and especially not on a weekend).


That said what you are experiencing is called "key chatter", usually it is a hardware/switch issue that you cannot solve with a FW/software update. Your best option is to submit a ticket and go from there, most likely at the end of the process you'll have to RMA the keyboard: https://support.corsair.com/

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I experience the same exact issue, amazingly frustrating. All working fine and all of the sudden double sometimes triple letters.


I noticed this after I updated to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (not sure if it has something to do with it)


I do have another keyboard K95 RGB PLATINUM

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I still have it when typing but when i test keys i have no chatter at all, k65 needs a firmware fix, however the chatter i reported previously was the real chatter i really had this kind of chatter.


d d d d d dd d d d d d d dd d d d d d d d dd where i only type space and d once but get double d every few times, think the issue is that switches are not sturdy enough on the plate sometimes if the wiggle they chatter cos the linear switch aint going straight down anymore cos of the switch movement, you can argue just get a k95 but i dont want a k95 i dont want a enourmous sized keyboard i want a smaller one preferably smaller then the k65

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