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Feature Request: Sequential Rainbow effect for SP120 fans


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I believe I'm not missing anything here, but correct me if I'm wrong.


I have 6 SP120s connected to a LED controller, and the controller itself connected to the 2nd channel of a commander pro.


I want to setup a sequential rainbow effect where all fans play a rainbow effect individually, but they're synced up so that the rainbow moves like a wave between all the fans.


Right now in LINK, I can see the "Sequential (channel effect)" option for animating the color on the fans. This takes care of the "moving" portion of what I'm trying to do where one color "moves" through all connected fans. However, the fans don't play a rainbow effect but a solid color.


I was hoping for an addition of something like "Sequential Rainbow" to the options for SP120.


Here's the kicker, this effect actually plays when I power on my PC while it's booting up and I'm still in the BIOS. So it's somehow already there but you can't manually select it through the options in LINK.


Note: This is my first ever post so I don't know if feature requests are even a thing on the forum. So please do feel free to redirect me elsewhere in case I'm not following the proper forum protocol. Thank you!

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