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Link and fan speed


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I recently updated my x79 to an x299 rig and took the opportunity to add in the Commander Pro along with 6 HD140's and 6 HD120's. I have my HD140's being controlled by the Commander Pro.


4 of these 140's are in a push/pull on at H115i. In the Link software I have them set to the temp of the H115i. On 3 of the 4 fans I get the expected fan speeds (around 1300 rpm, give or take). On the 4th HD140 it seems be consistently between 500 and 600 RPM no matter what the setting is at.


I am not running the latest Corsair Link but the version prior, 4.8 something I believe. I didn't want to upgrade since other that this fan issue all seems to be working well.


So my question, is this incorrectly reporting the RPM for this fan or is the fan not working correctly? I know link had some issues with incorrect fan speeds being reported. Thoughts to verify this? I suppose I could try the fan somewhere else and see if the problem follows the fan...as well as try another fan in the commander pro to rule that out as a cause.

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Is it possible for you to eyeball the fans? If it helps, look at the sticker on the fan hub. That should give you a rough idea of whether or not the fan is running slower than the others.


You can also try rotating it to a different fan port on the Commander Pro, and see if there's something going on with that fan port specifically.


You can of course also try to run the most recent version of Link, but I'm not sure that would help solve this particular issue.

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