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Vengeance RGB + Z370


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Was anticipating this issue.... You won't get a reply on 'when' from corsair.


Vengeance RGB RAM hasn't worked on half of the current motherboards for over a year. So wouldn't it expect to work on the newly released motherboards for quite a while.


Good luck


GREAT...... Wish I had known that before buying. I knew it probably would not work with Asus Aura yet, but I would have expected it to work with their own danm software.

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A version of Link that features Z370 support is being validated today, actually, with an eye on release before the week is out.


Assuming no other issues spring up in this version, it should be in your hands over the next couple of days.


Care to let us know when a version of link that supports non x and z chipsets will come out then? :laughing:

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Could you tell us wich is the version number is supporting Z370 motherboards ?


Just build a new pc with Asus Prime Z370-A with 600$ of RGB corsair memory and corsair link don't control them.


I was just thinking they are deffective before i found this forum.


I have also a 127C temp reported by Link... I found that many other users have this issue too.



Edit : Asus just updated the bios yesterday of my Prime Z370-A (build 0607), i re-enabled SPD Write, and now corsair Link works correctly ( ! And the 127C temp is gone, sensor is indicating 0C now.

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