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Corsair Link software compatibility problem with ASus Integrated Audio Card


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Hello Folks i recently bought a Corsair H110i AIO.

Everything working fine on the cooling side but I've got problems with the corsair Link software.


If i enable it my audio card will go in enrage! if you know what I mean!

Audio after a while begin to stutter/pop/click/slow and so on.


I tried anything from uploading audio drivers , chipset and so on but nothing works.


Thx to another user I discovered this thread over the ASUSTeK Computer Inc forum.

That the problem is related to a DPC latency issue! most likely due to a software compatibility problem which can be random and in my case is due to the Corsair Link 4 just installed to enable the management of my cooling solution.


there i link the discussion



There some screenshot of the situation

my dpc latency without the Corsair Link 4



my dpc latency when I enable the Corsair Link 4



my dpc latency when I turn it off!



Dunno guys do you have a solution to fix this without me having to disenable Corsair Link till when I need to open it?



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There have been other posts about Link and excessive DPC Latency affecting audio. Here are 3 threads about it, stretching back to 2015. If you search the forum for "DPC Latency" you will find others. I don't think that it was ever resolved but I don't recall it having anything to do with Asus hardware. Hope this helps.







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I don't think it's an Asus issue. Corsair Link is known to have conflicts with some Asus utilities, due to improper access to the SMB Bus by both parties. That is why Corsair will often ask what Asus programs are running. If you answer yes to running anything from Asus, they will then assume that is the problem, which sometimes it is. Other times, it has nothing to do with Asus but the real issue is obscured. There are known problems with Link that have not been addressed for YEARS, so this does not surprise me at all.


I suggest searching for "DPC Latency" and reading through all threads, especially ones that involve the SIV program. I think you may find the true reason there. Good luck!

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  • Corsair Employees

So we've had and addressed DPC latency bugs before and the causes for DPC latency spikes can absolutely vary. We try our level best to address them as they come up.


One of the first things to check is to see if HWMonitor causes the same DPC latency spikes. If it does, then we know the problem is the CPUID SDK and can contact the dev to have that sorted out. If it doesn't, we know the problem is in our Link software or drivers, and that narrows things down for us.

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