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A soft rant


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Hi Forum,

something really strange and incomprehensible happened here.

I've been following the development for 4 years now (or more), which perhaps can't be called like this and I have some doubts about Corsair's software.


At first I bought products like CASE, RAM and PSU (2000->2012), up to my first H50, successor to the H100 and then all the various kits sold for the control of fans and lights. I felt like a fan of this brand, appreciating above all the idea but also the style.


Unfortunately, however, since Corsair Link version 2 I have had problems that incredibly unbelievably have not yet been solved by Corsair. The solution proposed many times was that not being Corsair proprietary of the software (2013-2015) there were numerous communication problems with those who produced the hardware/firmware/software and so Corsair forced us to completely change the products both hardware and software but not allowing a backward compatibility with the components that some of us still had in their PCs (Corsair Commander, Cooling Node, etc etc)

Every time, I postponed the problems to the next version and stayed with my hardware that didn't do what I bought it for. I resigned myself to using the hardware without software.


I followed the forum here to find information that could solve my many problems. That comparing with the forum, I found out to be common to many. On the contrary, there have been few people to whom the system has worked.


I met a computer engineer here on the forum, who had the skills to build his own Corsair product control software, which he also bought. His program allowed me to use the Corsair hardware I had purchased and control it via software. FINALLY I could have something 100% working, something I paid for and that works exactly as indicated. Ray is this person.


His curiosity, together with the people who have added on this forum, have allowed to develop (FINALLY I can use this word with sense) the software (or rather only some lines of code) that today definitely controls better (and without problems with other programs) the Corsair hardware.




In recent years I have noted many things, and I have seen here on the forum many people try to give advice (also to me the temptation has come) and I realized that you have to be very well prepared, to know in depth the hardware and software problems. What Corsair has not yet achieved for Corsair Link software at the moment.


Unfortunately, this lack of professionalism is clearly seen here on the forum (I speak of people competent in this matter), or for those who stay for at least a couple of months to follow how situations evolve. Clearly there is no expert (sometimes the answers of the support are ridiculous) and the advice given is very superficial solutions (and this does not mean that they do not work, on the contrary, but denounce a very poor understanding and knowledge of the topic).


The solution is not ALWAYS unique, on the contrary... but surely the ignorant one is the worst that can be provided to us.


I can understand that Ray's character is difficult, and that for some of his answers may seem (and perhaps sometimes they are) toxic.

But I want to dwell on this term, which is so often used for this situation here on the forum, and to understand the meaning of what Corsair has told us.

Toxic is a condition of the body of a living being which, after having been in contact with a dangerous substance, finds itself in a state of unease. Even if the toxin (substance or molecule with which poisoning occurs) is sufficient, the body can even die.

So the word toxic, referring to Ray's comments, is difficult to understand.

On the contrary, it seems to me that Ray and his SIV software has been a cure, or rather, a poison drug of ignorance that is still so much present here in the forum.


Perhaps, and here I take the liberty of going a little further, he has always highlighted some serious shortcomings, and sometimes he has mocked stupid questions and solutions.

Perhaps this is the toxicity that has hit those who have the power to remove it from this forum.


But, sincerely, apart from personal curiosity, it's not that I'm more interested in knowing what happened between Ray and Corsair staff. But of one thing I'm sure, this was a damage to the community, because it was lost (or lost) a great resource for the development, real, of Corsair software.


I'm not a fool, and I don't like to be mocked. The coloured lights are not my passion, but a hardware under control while I work there: YES.


I have the feeling lately that Corsair likes more colored lights (like children on Christmas night) than perfectly functioning software.

I have no other reason to add because I think I have nevertheless expressed my opinion on this matter.


Thank you to read.



(Sorry for my English, is not my native language)

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For our non-native English speakers, toxic in this case refers to a personality.


Causing social tension or unpleasantness: a toxic personality.


The same community that you believe was damaged by banning this user is the same one that reported his posts multiple times over many months. There was a post a couple of weeks ago about the ban that mentioned this.


We are aware that this action has caused controversy, and we want the community to know that we did not take this action lightly. We worked with Red Ray for a long time in earnest to implement ideas and features, troubleshoot bugs, and document methodology. But unfortunately, despite numerous discussions, he chose not to treat CORSAIR forum users and staff with respect, and while he did assist a number of users, he was also, by far, the most reported user when it came to breaking forum rules and civility guidelines. This type of toxicity could no longer be tolerated in this community.


As said before, we want the entire community to be welcomed and feel comfortable discussing things at any level. Nobody should be made to feel foolish or insulted when asking for help.

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