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Corsair VOID PRO RGB USB Electrical Static


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Recently received the Corsair Void Pro RGB USB in White on Friday and immediately realised this high pitched static sound, the same as in this thread, http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=171600 , I have sent Corsair a ticket but is there anyone experiencing this and knows a fix, Corsair have ditched Firmware updates on this headphone for some reason and are only updating the Wireless one (v 0.01 currently) :( Using all latest drivers and here is my accurate description of the problem in the ticket I sent.


" Bought the USB White version of this headset and received it on Friday AEST. Everything is fine except for this electrical sound that can be heard 24/7 from the left ear cup even if the headset is muted, if it’s connected and power is coming through you can hear the sound even if the speakers are muted. My computer is properly grounded and everything is fine and this sound is irritating and giving me a headache its a high pitched electrical sound that goes up stops and starts again forever until I plug the headset out, unacceptable for a $150AUD headset. Others have the same problem with this product and is there anything that could be done to fix this, it is obviously a defect. "



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