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Void RGB SE vs. Void Pro RGB SE?


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So I went to Best Buy today to get what I thought would be the Void PRO RGB SE version. The website said they were in stock, and the guy at the store showed they had two.


But all I could find was the 2015 model, the original Void RGB SE. It rang up for the same price as the Pro was supposed to. They DID have the white and carbon colors for the Pro, but I kind of wanted the wireless extender thing, which the older version had as well.


The specs on the back looked identical, but it is clearly the 'older' model with the yellow accents on the mic boom, and the extra RGB light on the bottom of the cans.


So I took it home and tried it out, and I like it. But I just have in my mind that maybe I didn't do the right thing?


So how much better is the pro, and if I return this and make them find the Pro ones, will I notice a difference? I do like the extra RGB strip, and the extra light on the mic for notifications. But if the sound quality really is better in the Pro, I'll return this and just get the white.







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