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Finished in time to start Coffee Lake


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Hi Guys- Here's a few snaps of PC i have just (nearly) finished. Just waiting on CustomCables from the States


Specs -

Corsair 570X Tempered glass case..

i7-7700K CPU

Asus X270E Gaming M/B

G.Skillls Trident Z RAM RGB 16 GB 3600MHz

Gainward GTX 1080 Ti Phoenix Golden Sample

HX 750 W Platinum PSU

Fractal Design S36 AIO CPU Cooling System

Samsung 250GB EVO PCI eXP SSD

Toshiba N300 4TB NAS HD

4K 28 inch WS Monitor

6 x Corsair HD120 RGB fans

3 x Fractal Design Super Quite fans

1 Commander Pro

3 (Yes 3) Corsair Lighting Hubs

1 Lighting Node Pro (Damaged sent back replaced today)


I really enjoyed the build, did a lot of messing about with case. Even more messing about with lights and fans. Just need to spend a little time to get MB, fans and GPU to all sync in same colour :)


Here's a few snaps.. Enjoy :)










Time for bed. I'll put some more up later.




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