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Commander Mini Turning Off and On


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I've had this Commander Mini for about 6mo. The problems started earlier this week. At first it was a rare occurrence, but its slowly crept up in frequency and now happens almost every second.


The LED on the Mini will turn amber and all fans will stop spinning, LED strips go out, and windows plays the sound when a USB is being unplugged. One or two seconds later the LED on the Mini turns green, the USB sound plays, LED strips turn back on, and the fans start spinning at max.


At first I thought it was a windows issue so I made sure USB drivers and the link software were up to date. When that didn't work I disconnected the USB header from the M/B and the problem continues. I've used different SATA power cables, disconnected fans and LED strips from the Mini, and plugged the cables into different spots on my modular PSU with no luck.


There's been no major hardware changes to my system. The total amperage of the fans is under 4A, 2 LED strips, 1 thermal sensor.


At this point I'm guessing its RMA time, but I thought I'd try here and submit a ticket in hopes of finding a solution.





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